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Author(s): Stacey Robert
Release date: 2012
Publisher: European Union

For effective collaboration across national borders on any technical or emergency issue, the establishment of a common language is crucial. The EUFOFINET partners identified during the early stages of the project that there was no existing European glossary of terminology for wildfires and forest fires and, therefore, no common language for the partners to use. This situation posed a problem to the partnership in terms of establishing a common understanding around technical and practical issues related to wildfires and forest fires.

Author(s): Persson, Henry
Release date: 2013
Publisher: Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency

A silo fire entails many dangers, including the risk of gas and dust explosions, which can both lead to serious injury to personnel and a risk of the fire spreading into the associated conveyor systems which can rapidly lead to extensive damage. The use of nitrogen gas is the methodology that is considered to minimize the risks of personal injury and property damage. Silo Fires are a result of an extensive knowledge collating project in this field, both through various research projects and through the transfer of knowledge from a number of real silo fires.