Commission for Extrication and new Technology

Tom Van Esbroeck
Member countries: 

Belgium, France, Austria, Slovenia

Starting year: 
5. December 2013
Main activities / purpose of commission: 

First project:
“Extrication and new vehicle technology”.

Project leader:
Kurt Vollmacher.
Action points first project:
1. Providing crucial information “free of charge” this for first and second responders:

  • exchange of international knowledge;
  • collecting data about alternative energy sources ( full electric, hybrid, CNG, LPG, LNG, Fuel cell, Hydrogen direct combustion, and others…);
  • developing rescue data base concerning al kind of different vehicle’s;
  • developing standard operation procedure;
  • developing courses and training materials in English;
  • sharing extrication methods concerning cars, trucks, busses, trains, airplanes;
  • developing firefighting measures on this vehicle’s and others…;
  • retex: return of expertise, concerning various vehicle accidents.

2. Promoting close cooperation with the various manufacturers and organizations.
3. Close cooperation with the other CTIF commissions (a few examples):

  • high voltage vehicle batteries (build in vehicle/storage/transport) with the “hazmat commission” and “fire prevention commission”;
  • training manual airplane with commission “Fire and rescue on airports”.

4. Sending new working item proposals to ISO, this concerning:

  • training manual vehicle;
  • training manual battery;
  • standardized label for recognition of the power source of a vehicle.

Other future projects to work on:

  • solar panels;
  • hydrogen installations;
  • CNG/LNG installations;
  • other new technology…
Way of communication: 

The meetings are twice annually with member countries serving as hosts on a rotating basis.

Other ways of communication:
- E-mail;
- Conference call by computer, telephone.

Next face to face meeting date: 27 to 29 of May 2014 in Vienna Austria.