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Meeting CTIF Forest fires Commission 2-3 april 2014 in Lugano (Switzerland)

Wednesday, 2. April 2014 (All day) to Thursday, 3. April 2014 (All day)
Lugano, Switzerland

Emergency driving, a risk that is always present during turn-outs

This video is a short version of a 90 sekunder documentary from a fatal accident with a fire truck in Sweden July 2012, where two firefighters were killed and three others were injured.

Meeting minutes

Minutes of Fire Prevention commission meeting, held from 18.6.2013 to 19.6.2013 in Fjelldal, Norway.

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The reports of the CTIF History Commission are available in the database of the Centre for Research in fire protection technology and can be downloaded free of charge.

22nd meeting of the International Study Group for the History of the Fire Service and the Fire Protection

Tuesday, 30. September 2014 (All day) to Saturday, 4. October 2014 (All day)
Celle / Germany

The 22nd meeting of the International Study Group for the History of the Fire Service and the Fire Protection is from 30th of Sept. till 4th of Oct. 2014 in Celle / Germany.

Conference Topic: Fire Brigade Schools.

Within this meeting we have the meeting of  the history commission on Oct. 1st 2014.

Start up meeting for the new group COMMISSION FOR EXTRICATION & NEW TECHNOLOGY

Tuesday, 3. December 2013 (All day) to Wednesday, 4. December 2013 (All day)
Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof (Hoogstraat 36, 9000 Ghent) Belgium -

For the participants the organizers can offer a room and breakfast for a special price: €135,00
On the 3th of December the Center of Expertise is offering lunch in the evening in the famous restaurant ‘Het Pand’ in the historical center of Ghent.
To participate in the meeting please send the notification to:
Tom Van Esbroeck
and with copy to:
Michel Bour,
Tore Eriksson,
A detailed program will be posted on shortly.
Tore Eriksson
President CTIF

International scientific meeting of the CTIF Health Commission

Thursday, 18. July 2013 (All day)

In the context of international fire fighter competition organized in France from 15 to 21 July 2013, the CTIF Health Commission in partnership with the European Society of Fire fighter Medicine organize a international scientific meeting on 18 of July 2013.

The program for this day is as follows:

9:00 am Opening by the CTIF President and the President of the European Society of fire fighter medicine

9:15 am : 1st Roundtable:

Physical and physiological load of fire fighter in duty, heart and firefighter activity, what are the risks? What is the best sport and physical training for fire fighters without increasing accident related to sports and physical training?

 10:30 am

 11:00 am 2 Roundtable:

 Is there a profile thrive under physiological and missions? Age and sex and operational activities, the role of women and Jung fire fighters in interventions?

 12:30 am Lunch

 02:00 pm Présidency Dr Albarello / Dr Hertgen European society of firefighter medicine

 Toxicology of smoke. Results of the international study RISK on cyanide poisoning in fire victims and fire fighters. Prof. Dr. KOCH Germany

 2:45 p.m. Technique for rapid detection of cyanide Dr Zelder University of Zurich Swizerland

 3: 15 Use of hydroxocobalamine on the ground in case of cyanide poisoning in fire Dr L. TRITSCH SAMU67

 3.45 pm 3 Roundtable: What health support for fire fighters during a fire?

 4.30 pm Conclusions of the scientific meeting: Dr Bassetti Head of the CTIF Health commission and end of the journey